Japan Trip #3 Schedule / Ideas

Trip Preparation:
[X] Update Sakura House on dates & Bernhard’s arrival/dep (Dec 19 – Jan 3)
[X] Call Visa, tell them I’ll be in Japan so they don’t cut off my credit card again.
[ ] Gather stuff. Make packing list. Etc.
[ ] Get a couple $100 in USD from bank.

6 Dec: Darren leaves SFO on JAL 001 at 1805. Rika leaves Japan with her parents to go to Hawaii. Perhaps we’ll wave as we pass.

7 Dec: Darren arrives at Haneda at 2235. Sleep in / near airport due to chance of missing train to Saitama.

8 Dec: Darren meets up with Anurag, stays overnight at Chez Singh.

9 Dec: Go to Sakura House Office (near JR Shinjuku station) between 0900 & 1730 & do paperwork & get keys for apartment. Remember to bring passport & 3 contact infos & all the paperwork they’ve emailed me. Here’s a Map & Directions.

Misc Pre-Xmas stuff:
– Lots of trees and lights in shopping areas in Marounochi (near Tokyo station)
– Also lots and in Shinjuku.
– Also in Tokyo Midtown, in Roppongi.
– There’s apparently a cool tree lit up in Odaiba, which is a shopping district on landfill surrounded by Tokyo bay, and one of only two places in Tokyo where you can actually go to the water’s edge.
– Right in Saitama City there’s a big lightup (assuming A&R aren’t sick of looking at it already)

Misc Stuff in General:
– Get up at 3 AM one day to go to the Tokyo Fish Market, watch the auction, then have right-off-the-boat sushi for breakfast

Dec 15, 16: Get out of town? Shizuoka has (a) views of Mt. Fuji (actually, one of the three new views), and (b) the Akihasan Akiha Temple Grand Festival and Fire Walking! Are my feet going to be cold by then?

Dec 16: Rika returns from Hawaii. Tan optional.

Dec 17: Anurag done school. Darren and Anurag’s 3rd annual combined birthday-a-thon. For a change, Darren will be the one puking on himself, and Anurag gets to be the adult ;)

Dec 19: Bernhard arrives, all jet lagged and such. DL59, arrives NRT 16:55. Darren (at least) should pick up & escort to Shibuya to drop bags and shite.

Dec 19: Drinking until Bernhard passes out.

Dec 20: More drinking! たんじょうびは おめでとございます!

Dec 21: Anurag and Rika leave for India.

Dec 22: At 8:00 AM in Japan, it’s 4:00 PM on the 21st in B.C.

Dec 23: Omotesando Swing Ball – Live band and dancing, 4000Y in advance, 4500Y at door. Wanna come, Bernhard?

Dec 24: According to games and anime, this is the biggest date night of the year in Japan. Does Rika have any cute single friends? Either find date or get drunk. Or possibly both.

Dec 25: Bernhard arrives? Pick up his jetlagged arse at NRT with my hungover arse ;)

Dec 25: At 4:00 PM in Japan, it’s 8:00 AM on xmas day in Hamburg, Germany.

Dec 26: At 8:00 AM in Japan, it’s 4:00 PM on xmas day in B.C., Canada.

Dec 29, 30, 31: Comiket 10 am – 4 pm. [Wiki] [Official] Millions of people come. Lots of cosplay, lots of dojinshi, some games and stuff.

Dec 30: There’s a Jazz Vocal contest in Saitama city.

Dec 31: New Year’s eve
– Go to a temple to welcome the new year at midnight – the bells ring for hours.
Meiji Jingu is near the apartment & gets 3 million visitors on New Years

Jan 1: はつもで: People go for their first visit to a temple/shrine for the year.
– Experiment: Between myself, who is Canadian, old and creepy, but speaks some Japanese, or Bernhard, who is German, young and less creepy but speaks no Japanese – which of us would be more likely to convince groups of cute Japanese girls that it’s a new year’s tradition in our home country to get kissed by random strangers?
– Expected Outcome: Unable to prove or disprove H0, since both Bernhard and myself are both too shy to ever be able to carry this out. :)

Jan 2: One of only 2 days of the year that the inner grounds of the Imperial Palace are open.
– The Emperor & Family wave from the balconies several times this day.

Jan 3: Bernhard goes home. DL58 from NRT at 1535

Jan 8: Last real day in Japan.

Jan 9: Darren flies out of Haneda on JAL002 at 0005. Red-eye city.

Jan 8: Darren travels through time to arrive in SFO at 1620 the previous day