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My new camera – finally!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

A brief timeline of my new camera, a Canon 5D mark II:

Fall 2006: “Canon must be introducing a replacement for the 5D this year – it’s already 18 months old! — Darn, they didn’t.”

Spring 2007: “Canon must be introducing a replacement for the 5D this year – it’s already 24 months old! — Darn, they didn’t.”

Fall 2007: “Canon must be introducing a replacement for the 5D this year – it’s already 30 months old, and they’ve replaced every other camera in their digital line-up already. — Darn, they didn’t.”

Spring 2008: “Canon must be introducing a replacement for the 5D this year – it’s already three years old, and they’ve released two successive cameras in the consumer line — Darn, they didn’t.”

Sept 25, 2008: Canon announces the replacement for the 5D; expected to ship end of November.

Sept 26, 2008: I place my pre-order on; note I did this one day after the announcement.

Nov 25, 2008: Rumour has it the camera has been delayed and will become available in December.

Dec 5, 2008: First J-Random-Person on the Internet posts “I got mine!”

Dec 12, 2008: I email Amazon to find out when mine will be shipped. They say February 11. Auugh! Remember, I ordered it within 24 hours of it being announced!

Dec 23, 2008: Driving down to Palm Springs for xmas, I stop at a Best Buy near Gilroy, and they say their Pasadena store has one camera left.

Dec 23, 2008: Pasadena store doesn’t have any left. Darn.

Dec 23, 2008: Check email; “Your camera has been shipped from Expected delivery is Dec 26th.” Auugh! I’m 540 miles away! But at least I didn’t end up buying one in Pasadena and getting one shipped. I guess there is a silver lining.

Dec 26, 2008: UPS tries to deliver to my office, which is closed. Auugh!

Dec 28, 2008: Back in Sunnyvale, I spend a very frustrating half-hour trying to figure out what magic incantation I have to say to UPS’ automated voice-operated telephone system, I finally get ahold of someone, and they change my shipment from “next delivery attempt Jan 5th” to “Hold for pickup.”

Dec 28, 2008: I pick up my new camera, and spend 3 hours reading the instruction manual while waiting for the battery to charge.

Dec 30, 2008: Since I received the camera, it’s managed to attract a new tripod, new flash, and new lens. Auugh, my Visa bill!

Darren is now happy.

Starbucks in the evening

Starbucks after the sun has set. 1/30 at f/4, ISO 6400, Canon 24-105 f/4 L lens

Picture of a dog

Picture of a dog. 1/30 at f/4, ISO 400, Canon 24-105 f/4 L lens

Bodies everywhere…

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

It’s been about a month now since the new expansion for World of Warcraft came out…

The first week or so, the “old world” capital cities were basically abandoned, as everyone was off exploring the new continent of Northend. I thought “wow, now would be the time to raid the enemies cities and kill their leaders.”

I was wrong. Apparently, the right time is about a month later, when lots of people have leveled themselves up to 80…

The Alliance went for Thrall. They failed, and now Thrall’s chamber is carpeted with their corpses ;)

Thrall's chamber