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Grrr… Passwords

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The web server upon which I host this website just forced me to change my password; “We are improving our security and now require stronger passwords,” they say.

It won’t let me use G2lEnrYMqzJqiMMJQecMXvHNwmsONLDcTqigHgSzFdP1qPdZ† as a password, because “that password is too weak – it does not contain a punctuation character.”

However, it’s perfectly happy to let me use abAB12!@

† I basically live out of 1Password, which lets me generate random passwords like this for websites and auto-fills the login fields when I enter my 26-character long master password. It even synchronizes my passwords to both my home computer and my laptop. Highly recommended.