I had no Internet connectivity at my apartment from Friday until late yesterday (Tuesday.)

Things I learnt:

  • You can get a lot done on the weekend when you don’t have Internet
  • Morning television sucks

In my (temporary) apartment complex, instead of getting Internet service directly from a major provider, the complex has contracted with a re-seller. This means I had to (a) find out who the reseller was, and (b) contact them for service.

The reseller has a technical support line that puts you on hold for 3 minutes (“your call is very important”) and then drops you to voicemail and asks you to leave your name and telephone number.  Unfortunately, they must work with the CIA or something to ensure they call you back at the least convinient time possible.

  • Saturday: Call back 4 hours later while I’m out shopping.
  • Sunday: Call back 3 hours later when I’m out jogging.
  • Monday: Call back 6 hours later when I’m at work giving a presentation.

At least now I’m fixed… four days later.

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