Googlefood: chef-spec tries to connect to localhost fauxhai.local

There’s lots of different things that can cause this error. The one that I was hitting was rather unintuitive.

Problem: chefspec started wanting to talk to a local HTTP server and failed

$ rspec spec/*
ERROR: Connection refused connecting to https://localhost/nodes/fauxhai.local, retry 1/5

Root Cause: Recent versions of chefspec need ruby >= 2.2

I was using ruby-2.1.2; that worked find with old versions of chefspec. But somewhere along the line, they made ruby 2.2 a hard dependency.

Unfortunately, they don’t actually tell you “hey, we couldn’t start fauxhai because your ruby is too old” or anything useful like that; they just silently don’t bother running fauxhai, and leave you with the error message about an HTTP timeout.

Solution: Upgrade to ruby 2.2 or higher.

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