GoogleFood: Fixing slow font menu on Microsoft Office for Mac

This one took me a while to figure out.

Whenever I was using Microsoft PowerPoint or Word, when I tried to drop down the font menu, I would get the “Busy” spinning beach ball for about five seconds, then the menu would open.

Every Time. Five seconds every time.

I tried various suggestions on the Internet, and none worked. Eventually, I came up with the following procedure, which worked for me. Your mileage may vary; it may not work for you.

1) Close ALL Office apps (include Lookout!, I mean Outlook).

2) Open FontBook (/Applications/Font Book)

3) Click in the 2nd column listing your fonts, then hit COMMAND-A to select them all.


4) File -> Validate Fonts.


5) Wait… Go get coffee or something.

6) Anything that doesn’t have a green check-mark on the right column, click it’s box in the left column.


7) Click “Remove Selected.” Slash and Burn.

8) Enter your password. Over and over again.


8) Close Font Book

9) Open some Microsoft app, and click on the font menu. Despair as you see the spinny ball of death again.

10) Try again, and it should be instant. Step 9 was re-building the cache.

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