First photos from Gatsby…

When I have huge batches of photos that need to be worked up in Photoshop, I follow a certain order…

  1. Photos where people said “Send me a copy,” because otherwise I’ll forget,
  2. Photos of me with cute girls,
  3. Everything else.

I’ve got numbers 1 and 2 done ;)

First up, Susan and I. I’ve known Susan from dancing for about eight years now.

Darren and Susan at Gatsby

Next, Darren looking like an idiot with cute girl. Hey idiot, look at the cute girl, not at the sky!

Darren with cute girl at Gatsby

One Response to “First photos from Gatsby…”

  1. darren Says:

    I don’t know what the creator used; I just downloaded the theme from WordPress.

    Probably photoshop, but that’s not free.

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