Some vacation pics

I went on vacation to Yosemite for a few days last week.

On my first day there, I walked around a lake and saw a bird standing on some rocks, fishing. I thought “Wow, this is cool” and I went back to my car and got my camera, telephoto lens, and tripod.

When I got back, the bird was still there. So I set up and waited to try and get some good pictures.

After 20 minutes it flapped its wings…

Bird flaps wings.

After 55 minutes, it caught a fish, but my hand was away from the camera and I missed it. It was at this point that I thought “I think I’ll just put the camera away and enjoy my vacation.”

I didn’t pull the camera back out until I drove out of the park a few days later and visited Mono Lake. I’d heard it was an interesting place to take photos.

Mono Lake

It seems that back in the olden days, before Los Angeles started draining every body of water within a ten-zillion mile radius, there were underwater springs in Mono Lake. As they percolated water up, the calcium in the spring water formed underwater rock structures. And, as LA sucked all the water out of the lake, these tufta became visible.

Good for photographers, bad for the environment. Oh well.

There’s a few more photos on my flickr page, but not too many. It was too dang hot every day for me to want to haul around a camera and tripod.

Still to come: Photos from my side-trip to Castle Air Museum; there’s lots of those ;)

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