Walking to work

For my first few months here in California, I have “corporate housing,” which really means a mediocre apartment where everything is paid for by the company.

The best part of it is that the apartment is a five minute walk from the office.

Twice before I’ve working within “walking distance” of work, but both those times were 45 minute walks, and in Calgary, where half the year it’s too cold to want to be outside, let alone walk for 45 minutes. Yes, I’m a wimp, but I hate the cold.

One week in, it’s amazing how much living close to the office lowers your stress level. I don’t have to deal with driving in traffic at all -my only concern is the 30-60 second wait for a gap in traffic to jaywalk across Middlefield road.

I’m a big fan of things that reduce my stress level. When this apartment expires in a few months, and I have to find a place of my own to live, I think I want it close to work.

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