Another University Dream…

I dreamt that I was hanging around with some friends from university right before a final exam. When the doors opened, we all went in and looked for our seats. They all found theirs, but I couldn’t find a seat with my name on it. I then remembered that I hadn’t actually registered in this course; I had registered in another course but never gone to it. So I found the proper room and the chair with my name, and sat down to start reading the exam questions.

There were only three questions: The first dealt with commenting on a paper that I’d never heard of – Perhaps if I’d gone to class, I would have read the paper.

Seeing my confusion, the instructor came over and asked “Do you have a copy of that paper?” When I replied that I didn’t, he told me there were a few extras at the front of the room. So I got out of my seat, and quietly walked to the front of the room. Everybody put their pens down to watch me.

On the table at the front of the room were copies of the paper and a few “mobiles” – not telephones, but those things that you hang over a baby’s crib that have things hanging from sticks. I picked up a copy of the paper and thought “this paper is over 200 pages long; I’ll never have time to read it before the exam is over.” I then started looking at the mobiles, trying to decide whether the one with elephants or the one with airplanes would give me a better chance of passing the exam.

And then I woke up.

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