A new everything!

Many things have happened over the past month:

  • I’ve moved from Calgary to California (again! 3rd time’s the charm!)
  • I’ve got a new domain name (you’re there right now, fhf.org – Thanks Herb for letting me have it)
  • And I have a new email address (dh at my new domain!)

Due to a combination of incompetence (on Network Solutions’ part) and procrastination (on my part,) my old domain, mambo.net, is currently locked down. I’ve managed to keep most of the content available there, but have decided to start moving things to this new domain because

  • It’s shorter (seven characters instead of ten)
  • Four years ago, I did a complete overhaul of the design of mambo.net and the software that powered it – and I’ve been sick of it for about two years now, but dreaded the work involved in writing a new system and then migrating that much content to it.
  • Since I’ve had mambo.net for a long time now, 99% of all my traffic was spam and people trying to hack my system.

The current look here is only temporary :)

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