Random IPhone Photos

The camera built into the IPhone is pretty crappy. But then again, sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you at the time…

Safe Working Conditions

Demonstrating the highest level of commitment to workplace safety.

Japanese Food

When I was in Japan and would eat at a restraunt, this is typical of the meal. 800 yen ~ $8

Evil Gas Station

People learn that certain things are a certain way, like the brake is on the left. Eventually, they develop subconscious affordances such as brake instead of push left foot.
The gas station nearest to me obviously understands the affordance of cheapest button is on the left.


When people don't eat enough shrimp, they grow into these monsters. I think I saw one of them fighting Godzilla.

ewww brussel sprouts

This is apparently how brussel sprouts grows in the wild - In the form of a club for striking people.

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