Logic Pro and Samson C01-U

This is a boring googlefood page: How to get Logic Pro to recognize a Samson C01U microphone.

  1. Don’t be in Logic Pro – exit if you’re in it.
  2. Open a Finder window and navigate to /Applications/Utilities
  3. Double-click on Audio MIDI Setup
  4. From the menubar, Audio -> Open Aggregate Device Editor
  5. Create a new Aggregate Device. Name it “Samson Mike” or something.
  6. Check the Use checkbox beside both Samson C01U and Built-in Output
  7. In the Clock column, click beside Built-in Output
  8. Click Done. You can exit the MIDI setup.
  9. Open Logic Pro. Go into Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio
  10. You should now be able to select “Samson Mike.”

5 Responses to “Logic Pro and Samson C01-U”

  1. Mr Tamang Says:


    Many many thanks! Your set up instructions for Samson CO1U with Logic really solved my problem. I looked for the online tips many time to make this mic work in Logic but none of the information helped me. Luckily got to read your guidance and when I applied it worked perfectly. Just had my flute recording done. I think there are many other users who might find this information effective and helpful.

  2. Dr. Vickers Says:

    Thanks a lot Darren!!!! It works smooooothly…

  3. paul Says:

    Actually the way it work for me in my MAC OS 10.6.2 is when I select [Use] first for the “Built-in output” and then select [Use] in “Samson C01U”, then automatically [Clock Source] changes to “Built-in output”. Another detail is that on the right pane My Agregated Samson device can have or not a small microphone icon wich can be selected with ctrl-click, but I leave it WITHOUT the icon. Paul

  4. Cristefer Says:

    Hey, I did the midi setup and Logic read the aggregate but when I select it and record there is no sound at all. Can you tell me how to fix this?


  5. darren Says:

    Sorry, if this didn’t work, I’m afraid you’re on your own. Good luck!

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