“The” timing is right; mine is wrong.

There were two day-trips I wanted to make from Okayama: Takamatsu, and Tsuyama. Takamatsu has one of the “top three” gardens in Japan, and Tsuyama is regarded as “the best place to view cherry blossoms in this part of Japan.

Given the blooming is still happening, I figured I’d go for the garden yesterday, and give the blossoms another day to open before going on to Tsuyama.

In hindsight, bad decision. Why? Yesterday was a nice day. Today it rained all day. And Tsuyama’s Kakuzan Park was all that it was cracked up to be and more – absolutely beautiful, and would have been more so if there had been some sun.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Osaka, with a brief stop in Himiji, then on to Kyoto. Schedule changed due to lack of foresight. ;)

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