Dental floss: The post-modern duct tape

I was sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, a screw dropped out of my eyeglasses and the lens fell out. And, of course, the screw magically turned itself into carpet lint and was impossible to find, especially for someone who’s not wearing their glasses. I put my mind to the question “How can I temporarily fix my eyeglasses, given that I’m living in a corporate apartment and have none of my tools?”

  • Even if I could find the screw, I wouldn’t be able to be able to put it back in, as the closest thing I have to a screwdriver is a dull kitchen knife.
  • I could tape it up – uh, no.  No tape.
  • And no band-aids.

What I ended up doing was threading dental floss through the hole and tying it into a knot. 

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