What Colour are my eyes?

Click on this self portrait for larger view via Flickr. Click on “Original Size” for 10 megapixel file and look deeeepppply into my eyeeeessss….

macro eye

The story of the picture:

  1. Discover that my Canon 5D Mark 2 can output to my television set.
  2. Put macro lens on camera. Set for manual focus.
  3. Put pillow on chair. Put chin on pillow.
  4. Focus camera while looking at television.
  5. Take off glasses without moving
  6. Click shutter to take picture

This was the best of the approximately 50 times I tried. It is hard to keep your head perfectly still. And my eyeball is still out of focus – the photo appears focussed about 4-5 millimeters in front of my eyeball.

Of course, what’s really creepy is how much the human pupil resembles a sea anemone…


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