Negative Tide

Freda, a co-worker of mine, forwarded me an email that this weekend would be a negative tide at Half Moon Bay. This refers to the day every year where the tide is at its lowest level, and there are lots of tidal pools to look at.

So, on Saturday, I packed up my camera, my new tripod, and my macro lens, and drove out to Half Moon Bay.

After about a 2 km walk, I rounded the corner of a cliff, and saw the tide pools. The water was about 500 metres from the beach, which was good, given the gazillion people who were there.

People walking on the tidal pools

This seagull seems to be saying “what’s with all the stupid humans today?


For the first 200 metres or so, I walked on rocks. After that, it was pretty much all walking on mussels. Several people had brought buckets and screwdrivers, and were busy collecting mussels for dinner.


Of course, the really interesting stuff was the finds in the tidal pools… Like this Sea Urchin.

Purple Sea Urchin

Some kind of Sea Sponge…

Sea Something



This is a close-up of a pair of starfish. They were hard as a rock.

Starfish, Close up

And, of course, seaweed.


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