I have a maid…

A maidOne of the perks of Corporate housing is the weekly maid service. A maid is one of those things that either you’re rich and you have, or you’re not rich and you wish you could justify.

Having a maid means two things:

  1. Once a week, you come home and the bed is made.
  2. You never know where anything is.

When you move into a new apartment, you make decisions like “dishes should go in this cabinet” and “I’ll keep my battery rechargers all here so they’re easy to find.” Generally, you’ll never change these decisions (Hey, have you honestly ever removed everything from two cupboards to swap their contents? I didn’t think so.)

Unfortunately, the maid wasn’t around for those decisions, and I think deep down they get a bit of revenge upon those who use their services – They put stuff away.


In a different place every week…

For example, last week, my box of rechargers moved from the living room table to inside the TV stand. My roll of holiday wrapping paper moved from the kitchen table to behind the sofa. My sanity moved from my head to Sweden.

No wait, I lost my sanity years ago. Not their fault. :)

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