Weird Dreams

It was the last day of high school, and for some reason, I was pushing a shopping cart up a hill. A girl upon whom I’d had a crush walked by and offered to help. Next thing, we were then at the top of the hill, me pushing the cart and her pushing me.

I say “I didn’t actually have to move the cart. I just liked having you close to me.” She replies “Does this mean you’ll finally ask me out?” I answer “you mean this is all it took? Why was I so afraid to ask you?”

Next thing, I’m meeting her parents. She introduces her father, who is for some reason German and has a goatee, as “Doctor something-or-other.” I shake his hand and say “Nice to meet you Doctor.” He replies “Undt you are?”

Somewhat in shock that I’m meeting her parents and yet she apparently has never even mentioned me to them, I say “I’m Darren Holloway.”

He replies “Ah! Are you the Darren Holloway who has the produce stand that sells fresh chickens?”

This is the point I woke up. Obviously this dream is telling me that the reason why I’m still single is because I’m shy, and because I don’t have a shopping cart. Perhaps I should try homelessness as a strategy for meeting women.

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